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Last Thursday

Went out to get bent and we were completely successful.

I flashed my tits at Back Booth (this I remember)

Ran around the streets of downtown Orlando screaming "I like dick" (a sober friend told me this on friday)

My drinking partner got 2 mexican bikers to buy us sausages for making out with each other in the street, guys will do anything to see girls kiss (this I found out from our escort the next morning)

We also walked out on at least 3 tabs at various bars (as a bartender I feel guilty about that part)

The most important ingredients for a REALLY good bender night like this are:
1. A slightly sober, not easily embarassed chaperone
2. Cocktails before you go out
3. A good friend who gets just as mad as you do at this shitty things that happen to you
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