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I actually managed to go out a few times this weekend. I did an open mic spoken word night on Sunday. I got into a brief conversation with a straight edge kid. Cool thing is, he doesn't have the earmarks of the pretentious, yet lacking in self-esteem, yokels that normally take up the mantle of not imbibing. Because these folk are less vocal than their ill-equipped counterparts in the "movement", they rarely get the credit they deserve. He was very well spoke, did not resort to trying to "convert" me or talk down to me. Which is funny because any previous straight edger that's tried has wound up questioning their own existence.:)

In the end, he respected my decision and simply asked me to do the same. Which is fine by me, as at least he doesn't feel he is better than others for his decision.

It was refreshing, and in the end, I know with certainty that he didn't run to livejournal to bitch about it behind my back.:)
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