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bent_edge's Journal

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Having an edge usually means you have a commitment. Bent Edge commits to having responsibilities. You're responsible for keeping people in business. You're responsible for maintaining an income so that you can imbibe in your particular vice. You're expected to be self-motivated enough to seek out well paying jobs so that your contribution to the industries of vice and your regular bills are compensated for. Can str8 edgers say that? NO! They merely refrain from consumer contribution in an attempt to mask their thrift and wanton disregard for responsibility!!!!

Not really. But that's an example of the warped logic employed by those that think refraining from things that won't necessarily make you live longer, makes you better than anyone else. History proves otherwise, but that's to be ignored. This community seeks not to derail the "myth" of refraining from vice. This community seeks not to make fun of those who think they are essentially better by choice. This community doesn't even require you to imbibe in anything. All the community asks is that you either share stories of encounters with the thick headed oafs who judge you by what smoke, drink, or refusal to base your life on not doing so thereby judging all others as lower class, or just share, period.
You are not what you smoke, drink, fuck or your refusing to engage in such activities.
In other words, don't live your life by a credo that others thought up for you. Specifically, don't base your life on what you don't do. And by all means, don't judge others by what you, yourself, don't do. Within reason of course...don't be stupid.